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  1. EDI

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    EDI - Mass Effect 3 - Papercraft

    EDI From Mass Effect 3

  2. Rhyperior

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Rhyperior - Pokemon - Papercraft

    Rhyperior has basically the same build as its predecessor, Rhydon, although it is taller, heavier, and has an additional horn. Rhyperior has a club-like tail and its hide is partially covered by orange, rocky plates. Rhyperior has blade-like protrusions on its elbows and has holes in the palms of its hands which works as a cannon or a gun. Rhyperior’s body is a brownish-gray as opposed to just regular gray. It also appears to have two thick, rectangular rocks above its eyes, resembling heavy eyebrows. (Read more on


  3. Locomotive

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Locomotive -  Warhammer 40K - Papercraft

    Locomotive from Warhammer 40k.

  4. Cloud Kicker

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Cloud Kicker - My Littly Pony - Papercraft

    Cloud Kicker is the placeholder name of a female Pegasus pony with a lavender blue coat, jasmine mane and tail with a lemon chiffon streak, orchid eyes and a cutie mark of a cloud covering a sun. She shares her design with Merry May, mane style with Lily Valley, and bears a resemblance to the toy Lily Blossom. (Read more on

  5. Soyokaze

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Soyokaze - Battle Fairy Yukikaze - Papercraft - Top View Soyokaze - Battle Fairy Yukikaze - Papercraft

    Yukikaze (Battle Fairy Yukikaze) Yukikaze (literally Windblown Snow) is a five-episode Japanese direct-to-video anime series produced by Gonzo and Bandai Visual and was released in Japan from August 28, 2002 to August 25, 2005. It is based on a popular science fiction novel of the same name by Chōhei Kambayashi, and was produced in commemoration of Bandai Visual’s 20th anniversary. It was also later aired in Japan on the anime television network Animax, who later aired in its English language networks across Southeast Asia and other networks worldwide.

    The series is notable for its air combat scenes, which were created with the help of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. The JASDF worked with the Gonzo production team by recording actual sounds of the F-15J Eagle and running test flights at Komatsu Air Base, and having discussions on air combat tactics. (Read more on

  6. Berry Punch

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Berry Punch - My Littly Pony - Papercraft

    Berry Punch is an Earth pony who appears in many episodes as a background pony. She has a plum colored coat and a mulberry shaded mane. Her cutie mark consists of a bunch of grapes and a strawberry. The character was given the name “Pinot Noir” by Lauren Faust, and only later was the character explicitly named “Berry Punch” in Enterplay’s 2013 set of trading cards. Berry Punch shares her design with Cherry Berry. (Read more on

  7. Danbo Amazon

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Danboard - Danbo - Papercraft

    Danbo (Japanese: ダンボー) is a Japanese cardboard robot that originally appeared in the manga Yotsuba&! in 2007. Similar to Domo, Danbo is seen as an icon of curious innocence.

    Danbo first appeared in Chapter 28 of the manga Yotsuba&![8] by Kiyohiko Azuma, published in April 2006. In the issue, the main character Yotsuba Koiwai mistakes her friend Miura Hayasaka dressed up as a science project for a real robot. When Yotsuba asks the robot its name, Miura does not want to crush her friend’s dreams, naming the costume “Danbo,” a play on the Japanese word for corrugated cardboard, danboru (段ボール). While the robot was originally named “Cardbo” in the first translation, when Yen Press re-published the manga, they chose “danbo” which senior editor JuYoun Lee thought sounded cuter. (Read more on

  8. Locust LCT-1V

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Locust Battlemech - Battletech - Papercraft

    Fast and lightly armed the Locust is a common sight across the Inner Sphere and periphery states. Designed for Recon, the Locust carries a minimal weapons, but an abundance in speed. Not even the venerable Jenner can match it’s top speed.

    BattleTech is a wargaming and science fiction franchise launched by FASA Corporation in 1984, acquired by WizKids in 2000, and owned since 2003 by Topps. The series began with FASA’s debut of the board game BattleTech (originally named BattleDroids) by Jordan Weisman and L. Ross Babcock III and has since grown to include numerous expansions to the original game, several computer and video games, a collectible card game, a series of more than 100 novels, an animated television series and more. (Read more on


  9. MandoPony

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Mandopony - My Little Pony - Papercraft

    MandoPony is the pseudonym of an American brony musician. The name refers to his favored instrument, the mandolin, but he also plays a variety of other instruments including the guitar and the piano. He became a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic around July 2011. His first published MLP cover was Winter Wrap Up, posted on YouTube in October 5, 2011. The MandoPony YouTube channel was created a week later. A collection of pony-themed songs (including some alternates and instrumental versions) was released on Bandcamp on May 18, 2012. (Read more on

  10. Mega Man Volnutt

    September 5, 2013 by admin

    Megaman - Volnutt - Trigger - Papercraft

    A long time ago, Mega Man Volnutt was known as Mega Man Trigger. Trigger’s primary function was as a Purifier Unit (Irregular Hunter in the Japanese version) on a synthetic planet called Elysium (or Heaven in the Japanese versions), a place that housed what is called the “Master System”. The purpose of the Master System was to watch over the Carbons (essentially the equivalent to humans, though artificially created) on Terra (Earth). His job as a Purifier Unit was to eliminate any Aberrant Units (Irregulars in the Japanese version) that threatened the Master System. Trigger was also always close to the the Master throughout his tenure as a Purifier Unit. One day, the Master requested Mega Man to travel with him to Terra so he could see the Carbons, even though the Master could not survive long outside of Elysium. They used a shuttle pod and landed in Calbania Island, where the Master compares the life of the Carbons with Elysium, and realizes that while he lived in luxury for 3000 years, Elysium was cold and sterile, while the Carbons are happy even with hardship, pain, aging, and subsequently dying, and decides to give Mega Man the final command to destroy the Master System to make things right again. Before dying, the Master gives his genetic code sample to protect Mega Man, and orders him to delete all data in Elysium’s library. (Read more on