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Fob Watch

July 22, 2013 by admin

Time Lord Fob Watch - Doctor Who - Papercraft


Photo & Design : ~HellswordPapercraft

A fob watch, engraved with Gallifreyan symbols, used to store the memories and biology of a Time Lord who uses the Chameleon Arch. The watch uses a perception filter to prevent the transformed Time Lord from noticing it. Those with telepathic abilities are apparently immune to the filter, as are those already aware of the watch’s nature. The Family of Blood can smell the Time Lord stored within the watch if opened. When opened by the Time Lord, it restores their original physiology. Anyone else opening it gets flashes of the memories stored within. Professor Yana had a similar fob watch; when he opened it, he recalled his identity as the Master. In the 2008 Christmas Special, “The Next Doctor” (David Morrissey) is discovered to own a fob watch, which the Doctor suspected to be a Time Lord watch. It is revealed to be an ordinary fob watch, and helped identify Jackson Lake as a normal human. (Read more on

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