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Moogle – Final Fantasy VII – Papercraft

Moogle_Final_Fantasy_VII_PapercraftCharacter Description:

Moogles are a recurring race in the Final Fantasy series. They first appeared in Final Fantasy III and have appeared in some capacity in every main series game since, with the exception of Final Fantasy IV.

The importance of moogles to the plot varies, ranging from playable characters to cameos. Several such as Mog, Stiltzkin, Artemicion and Montblanc have made repeated appearances. Moogles occasionally appear as a summoned monster, usually to grant beneficial effects to the party.

A moogle appears as a summon on the Digital Mind Wave after obtaining the Moogle’s Amulet, found in mission 8-4-4. Its ability, Moogle Power, casts Regen on Zack, and levels up his Materia the same number of levels as the level of the summon (i.e. a Moogle Power Lv. 2 will raise each of his Materia two levels). The duration of Regen depends on the level as well, up to Level 5 where Regen will last the rest of the battle.

Character Appears in:

  • Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII

Character Pictures:

Download Description:

This free download-able paper-craft template is distributed in the next layout: PDF (Document) and the file-size is approximately 8 MB. This paper-craft template is compressed in a standard ZIP file format. Instruction or guideline in order to build this paper-craft is included.

Download Template:

Moogle – Final Fantasy VII – Template

Additional Information and References:

All the credit belong to the creator/designer/builder of this paper-craft model. The source of the character information can be found here: External Link

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